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PS Neuchatel 

PS Neuchatel on 13th June 2014 -  Photo by kind courtesy of Olivier Bachmann

In service : 1912-1969 and from 2014
Builders / Engineers : Escher, Wyss (Zurich)
Length : 46 m, Breadth : 6 m, Breadth (including sponsons) : 11 m

Displacement tonnage : 153
Original Engines : Compound Diagonal, 350 HP, by Escher, Wyss (removed 1972)
New Engines : Compound Diagonal, 360 HP, 440 mm and 720 mm x 900 mm (approx 17 and 28 in x 35 in) by Maffei (Munich, 1926)
 - The new engines were originally in service on PS Ludwig Fessler on the Chiemsee in Bavaria, Germany until 1973   

Sailed on lakes Neuchatel and Murat
After withdrawal, she was re-sold and established as a floating restaurant at Neuchatel in 1972
When, in 1999, it was put up for sale, the enthusiast group "Trivapor" was formed to purchase her - but she was sold on to a different restauranteur.
In early 2007, agreement was reached between the owners of Neuchatel and Trivapor for the transfer of ownership at a price of SFR 600,000 .
2012 : New boilers and the Maffei-bult engine (ex Ludwig Fessler) refurbished by SGV Shiptec installed in the renovated hull at Sugiez
Renovation cost approximately 12 million Swiss Francs (approx 8 million) with around half provided by Mr Marc Oesterle of Bern
First trial runs completed on September 12th 2013
Neuchatel's inaugural 2014 season ended early after boiler problems on August 14th with the Italian manufacturer (Garioni Naval) having gone into bankruptcy
She is operated by LNM as part of their scheduled services on behlaf of owners the Trivapor organisation


Neuchatel in 2007, after transfer of ownership to the Trivapor organisation. Photo courtesy of Olivier Bachmann
Neuchatel paddle removal.jpg
On October 1st 2009 the paddle wheels were removed ......... Photo by kind courtesy of Olivier Bachmann
Neuchatel on move 2010.jpg
PS Neuchatel on the move to Sugiez on 18th September 2010.
Photo kindly made available by the Trivapor organisation (through Olivier Bachmann)
Many thanks to the original photographer

Auswasserung DS Neuchatel Sugiez 16.10.2010 photo 8.jpg
Neuchatel was lifted out of the water at Sugiez on 16th October 2010 for renovation work to begin               For more photos of the lift : click here 
Sugiez 2.jpg
Click here for photos of Neuchatel under renovation work on February 4th, 2011

Maffei 23.11.09 (e) s.jpg

The Maffei engine being rebuilt at the SGV (Shiptec) shipyard at Luzern. It is seen her in a photo taken on November 23rd, 2009 and kindly supplied by Olivier Bachmann

Neuchatel Engine being lowered.jpg

Neuchatel boiler being lowered.jpg

PS Neuchatel's reconditioned engine (ex- PS Ludwig Fessler) was lowered into the renovated hull at Sugiez on May 3rd, 2012. The new boiler was also lowered into the hull. Photos by kind courtesy of Olivier Bachmann
Neuchatel paddle wheel June 12 OB.jpg
Paddle wheels under reconstruction in Luzern in June 2012. Photo by Olivier Bachmann
DS Neuchatel Sugiez 25.9.2012 15.jpg
Further progress report from 25th September 2012 by kind courtesy of Olivier Bachmann : click here for more photos


Above : Neuchatel at the beginning of May 2013. The ship is planned to be launched in mid-August. More photos by Olivier Bachmann here
Neuchatel Sugiez 280513 Wheelhouse outer.jpg
Above : May 28th 2013 - and the wheelhouse has just been mounted. A compromise was found with the safety authorities who inititally required the wheelhouse to have one large pane of glass with no columns obstructing the view forward - a change to the historical appearance of the ship. Thanks to Olivier Bachmann for the photo.  More
Rotonde 1.jpg
Above : Further progress by early July, particularly with regard to the construction of the fore-deck Rotunda. More
Einwassern 14.8.2013 24 (1).jpg
Above : Returned to the water on Wednesday 13th August 2013    More

First trial run under steam on 13th September 2013 - photo by kind courtesy of Sebastien Jacobi (via Olivier Bachmann).   More views of trial runs

Above : Neuchatel at Morat/Murten on 19th August 2022. Photo by kind courtesy of Andrew DelaGhetto


Website of the commercial operators of services on Lake Neuchatel  (French and German options)

Website of owners and enthusiast organisation Trivapor for more details about the vessel (French and German options) 

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