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PS Neuchatel : Reconstruction Update : Early July 2013 : Photos by kind courtesy of Olivier Bachmann

Work is progressing on the "Rotunda" (the small fore-saloon on the main deck). The rear half-saloon is nearing completion structurally. The anchor winding mechanism is that of PS Berna (1913-64 which sailed on the Bielersee). It will be placed on the foredeck for decorative purposes only because the requirements of the licensing authority are for a new mechanism and anchor. The ship is regarded as a new-build. The ship's bell cannot be found so it is planned to cast a replica of the bell of sister ship Fribourg

Rotonde 1.jpg

Rotonde 2.jpg

Dachkonstruktion Rotonde.jpg

Innenausbau Salon MO.jpg

Rosette in rot.jpg

Ankerwinde DS Berna.jpg

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