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PS Neuchatel : Refurbished Maffei-built engine (ex - PS Ludwig Fessler, 1926-1973)

Compound Diagonal, 360 HP, 440 mm and 720 mm x 900 mm (approx 17 and 28 in x 35 in) by Maffei (Munich, 1926)

Maffei 23.11.09 (e) s.jpg

The Maffei engine being rebuilt at the SGV (Shiptec) shipyard at Luzern. It is seen her in a photo taken on November 23rd, 2009 and kindly supplied by Olivier Bachmann

Neuchatel Engine being lowered.jpg

Neuchatel boiler being lowered.jpg

PS Neuchatel's reconditioned engine (ex- PS Ludwig Fessler) was lowered into the renovated hull at Sugiez on May 3rd, 2012

The new boiler was also lowered into the hull. Photos by kind courtesy of Olivier Bachmann

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