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River Vltava, Prague, Czech Republic
Prague Passenger Shipping (Prazska Paroplavebni Spolecnost) - PPS

Vysehrad in Prague where locks and channels are used to allow passage through the shallow river and its weirs. Photo by kind courtesy of Nigel Clark

The operators of the two remaining sidewheelers is the PPS, successor to the Prague operations of the Prague City Transport Company, which took over the local fleet of the Czech state Shipping Company (CPSL) in 1961. The company has reverted to the name used until 1937 and little changed from that used since its grounding in 1865.

The largest of a number of shipping companies established in Prague in the wake of the liberalisation of the economy in the post-Communist era, the PPS has operated a rather unpredictable service of local cruises plus longer trips to the Slapy Dam, the traditional destination of cruises from Prague. PPS also operates a limited number of cruises northwards along the Vltava to the confluence of the Vltava and Labe (Elbe) at Melnik.

Paddlers Vltava and Vysehrad (ex-Devin) have been restored. The planned refurbishment of Vysehrad (III) stalled due to lack of funds and the vessel, having lost its name to Devin, remains in poor condition and although used as a floating bar in Prague, is unlikely to be restored.. PS Labe was sold for further use in Germany but returned to Czechia in 2022 to operate cruises on the Labe/Elbe out of Decin (and under local ownership) from 2023

A close cooperation agreement has now been signed with the second largest local cruise firm, EVD (Europska vodni doprava) and the fleet is marketed under the PPS-EVD banner. As well as four smaller motor vessels to complement seven motor vessels in the PPS fleet, the EVD also brought to the fleet the motor stern-wheel paddler Sumava, a converted tug.

Vysehrad   Note : currently out of service and used statically in Prague pending a review


Vysehrad   (name now allocated to the steamer above)

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