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PS Vysehrad (ex - Dr Edvard Benes)                   Operating Area : River Vltava, Prague, Czech Republic
Above : Vysehrad, seen at Prague in 1986 before falling into disrepair and losing her name to her sister ship, Devin
Builders : Aussiger Schiffswerft at Aussig (Usti-nad-Labem) on the Elbe
Engines : Compound Diagonal by CKD in Prague
Length : 62 metres

Entered service : 1938
Named Dr Edvard Benes until 1939 when it became Labe
Renamed Wischerad in 1942 and back to Dr Edvard Benes in 1945
In 1952 she became Vysehrad
Deck shelters built in 1959
Reboilered for oil fuel in 1980
Refurbished in 1983-4 for return to service in 1985 with full restaurant facilities
Withdrawn after the 1988 season for extensive refurbishment which was halted in 1992 due to cash problems
With new deckhouses built but not fitted out, she lies deteriorating at her operator's shipyard.
Her name was then given to her operational sister, Devin.
Partially restored, she was moored in Prague in September 2011 with her deck used as exhibition area at the new "Ahoj !  Design" festival
She was to be more extensively restored (although not as an operational ship) for a long-term role as an exhibition ship in Prague but has remained as a floating bar  

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