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PS Vysehrad (ex - Devin, ex - T G Masaryk, ex - Karlstein, ex - Antonin Svehla)
DS Vysehrad.jpg
Above : Vysehrad in 2009. Photo by kind courtesy of Olivier Bachmann
Builders : Aussiger Schiffswerft, Aussig (Usti-nad-Labem)
Engines : Compound Diagonal by CKD in Prague
Length : 62 metres

Entered service : 1938 as Antonin Svehla on services along the Vltava and Elbe as far as Dresden
Renamed Karlstein in 1942 and spent time at Dresden in 1944 after the bombing of the city
Renamed T G Masaryk in 1945 and Devin in 1952
Reboilered for oil fuel in 1979
Did not sail in 1990 - 1992
Refurbished and returned to service with the name Vysehrad, which had been assumed from her laid-up sister
Appeared with a new wheelhouse and the upper deck opened up and fitted with a fixed canopy. Full restaurant facilities also added.
Currently out of service and used statically at Prague as a bar and restaurant - but not officially deleted from the fleet




Passing under the famous Charles Bridge in Prague in 2006

Approaching her Prague berth on 21st August 2004. Photo by Nigel Clark

Aboard Vysehrad in 2005. Photo by Nigel Clark.

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