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P & A Campbell
P & A Campbell came to dominate the Brighton station as they did on the Bristol Channel, purchasing the Brighton, Worthing and South Coast Steamship Company and placing two vessels at Brighton for the 1902 season. From 1906 up until the First World War, three ships were sent round from Bristol for the summer season on the South Coast, a format maintained from their return after the war in 1923 until the renewal of hostilities in 1939.

One of the largest paddlers was assigned to longer cruises and cross-channel trips to French ports and with the prospects for this business appearing good in the late 1930s, the turbine steamer Empress Queen, the largest ever vessel built for the Campbell company was ordered. Not available to take up her intended role until 1947, she was never allowed to run on the services she was designed for and spent only four years in Sussex, initially with one paddler consort and in 1950 alone.

1951 was notable as the Campbell company did not put one vessel on the Sussex trade, but returned in 1952 for 6 more seasons, the last of which, 1957, was undertaken by the chartered motor vessel MV Crested Eagle.

P & A Campbell vessels based on the Sussex Coast (note - other vessels deputised on occasion for the main vessel shown below)
1906-1910 : Brighton Queen, Glen Rosa and Bonnie Doon

1911 Brighton Queen, Glen Rosa and Waverley

1912-1914: Brighton Queen, Glen Rosa and Ravenswood

1923-1925 : Devonia, Brighton Belle and Ravenswood

1926-1932 : Devonia, Brighton Belle and Waverley (ex-Barry)

1933 : Brighton Queen (ex-Lady Moyra), Brighton Belle and Waverley (ex-Barry)

1934 : Brighton Queen (ex-Lady Moyra), Glen Gower and Brighton Belle

1935 : Brighton Queen (ex-Lady Moyra), Glen Gower and Brighton Belle

1936-1939 : Brighton Queen (ex-Lady Moyra), Glen Gower and Waverley (ex-Barry)

1947 : TS Empress Queen

1948-1949 : Britannia and TS Empress Queen

1950 : TS Empress Queen

1951 - No vessel stationed at Brighton

1952-1953 : Cardiff Queen

1954-1956 : Glen Gower

1957 : MV Crested Eagle

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