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PS Devonia
Launched on 22nd March 1905 by John Brown at Clydebank
Engines : Compound diagonal 34.5 and 71 in x 60 in
Dimensions : 245 ft x 29 ft
641 Gross Registered Tons

Barry Railway Company vessel that came to P and A Campbell by way of Bristol Channel Boats in 1911
Served on the east coast during World War I as a minesweeper
Was assigned to the South Coast when Campbells returned to that station in 1923, remaining until 1932
Served on the Bristol Channel until being laid up in 1939
Reconditioned for use as a minesweeper and sent to eastern Scotland
Attended the Dunkirk evacuation, but was abandoned on the French coast on May 31st 1940 under heavy fire from enemy aircraft.

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