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PS Bonnie Doon (1876)
Launched on April 27th 1876 by T.B. Seath at Rutherglen
Engines : Simple diagonal 50 x 72 in
Dimensions : 218 ft x 20 ft
272 Gross Registered Tons

Operated by Seath and Steel until 1880
Spent 1881 on the River Mersey
Returned to the Clyde in 1882 under the ownership of Gillies & Campbell, running between Wemyss Bay and Rothesay
Obtained a reputation for unreliability gaining the nickname "Bonnie Breakdoon"
Became the first "genuine" passenger cruiser on the Bristol Channel when chartered for use out of Bristol in 1886
Chartered for use on the Thames in August and September 1887, sailing from London to Sheerness and Clacton on alternate days
The Thames venture ended quickly due to finacial problems and Bonnie Doon returned to Bristol for further charter work
Entered the fleet of Edwards and Robertson, passing to John Gunn in 1895 and P and A Campbell in 1899
Based at Brighton between 1905 and 1910, then returned to the Bristol Channel at Newport
Withdrawn and taken to Rotterdam in November 1913 for scrapping

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