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Firth of Clyde, UK
London & North Eastern Railway (1923-1947)
Railway amalgamation in 1923 left the North British fleet in competition with a newly combined CSP/GSWR fleet and only added two units to its ageing fleet. With Marmion and Waverley (I), which had been withdrawn at the end of the 1938 season, lost during World War Two and Lucy Ashton 57 years old at the end of hostilities, plans were made for new tonnage. A new paddle steamer, Waverley was introduced for the 1947 season, the last before railway nationalisation and the transfer of the vessels to the British Transport Commission and later to its newly acquired subsidiary, the Caledonian Steam Packet Company, the LNER's former bitter rivals. Waverley was the last paddler and last steamship built for the Clyde, the last paddler to remain on the Clyde. Since 1975 she has steamed for private owners, including from a re-opened Helensburgh, the pier from which the story of railway-owned steamers was begun by the LNER's predecessors.
Waverley 1947 Alan Brown and GF.jpg

Above : Waverley was the last paddle steamer built for the LNER and also for Clyde service (1947) and after 1969 was the only remaining paddler. After being withdrawn in 1973 she found a new life in operational preservation on behalf of the Paddle Steamer Preservation Society and continues in service, completing a major reboilering in 2021
Photo by Alan Brown (supplied by kind courtesy of Gillon Ferguson) shows her in her first season of operation

Vessels transferred from the North British Railway
PS Lucy Ashton
PS Dandie Dinmont (until 1928)
PS Talisman (until 1934)
PS Kenilworth (until 1937)
PS Waverley (until 1939)
PS Marmion (until lost in 1941 on wartime duty)

New Build
PS Jeanie Deans (from 1931)
DEPV Talisman (from 1935)
PS Waverley (from 1946)

Vessels transferred to the BTC : Lucy Ashton, Jeanie Deans, Talisman, Waverley.
Craigendoran Steamers
Alan Brown
Published in 1979 by Aggregate Publications, Johnstone, Renfrewshire, UK
A detailed history of the NB, LNER and the Craigendoran services of the post-war Caledonian Steam Packet Company.

Steamers of the Clyde : NB & LNER
Alistair Deayton
Published in 2000 by Tempus Publishing Ltd
ISBN 0-7524-2107-7
Brief historical summary followed by numerous photos with extended descriptive captions

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