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Firth of Clyde, Scotland
British Transport Commission (1948 - 1951)
Following nationalisation of the railways of Britain in 1948, the vessels of the London & North Eastern Railway were transferred to the British Transport Commission. The vessels of the LMS railway were fully integrated into the Caledonian Steam Packet subsidiary. BTC vessels remained semi-independent from the "south bank" fleet in their operation, but this increasingly inefficient operation ceased when the ships were transferred to the CSP on 5/11/1951.

Ex-BTC steamers, whilst losing their woodgrain effect deckhouses, continued to fly the BTC pennant and were not marketed as CSP ships - publicity referred to "Clyde Shipping Services" a measure of the continuing loyalties and rivalries of steamer passengers and operators. This anamalous situation was finally altered for the 1957 season.

Lucy Ashton, the veteran of 1888 was withdrawn in 1949.

PS Lucy Ashton
PS Jeanie Deans
DEPV Talisman
PS Waverley

PS Maid of the Loch on Loch Lomond, entered service in 1953 registered with the BTC and not transferred to the CSP until 1957. As an inland lake steamer she carried a special all-white hull and all buff (originally buff and black) funnel.
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