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PS Lucy Ashton
Launched on May 24th 1888 by T.B Seath at Rutherglen
Engines : Original unit : Simple Diagonal 52 in x 60 in by Hutson and Corbett
Re-engined (1902) : Compound Diagonal 28 and 52 in x 60 in by A & J Inglis
Dimensions : 190 ft x 21.1 ft
271 Gross Registered Tons

Introduced in 1888 on the Holy Loch run but later became more familiar on the Gareloch service from Craigendoran
Remained on the Clyde throughout both World Wars
Reengined in 1902. Reboilered in 1901, 1902 and 1923
Was the spare boat in 1939 and wartime service on the Dunoon run saw her career unexpectedly extended
Was retained for peace-time service, making her last run in February 1949 but was sold late in 1949
Her stripped down hull saw further experimental use by the British Shipbuilding Research Association
The experimental use included being fitted with a jet engine
Scrapped in 1951
The carved crest from her paddle box is preserved in the collection of the National Railway Museum in York

Classic Scottish Paddle Steamers
Alan J S Paterson
Published in 1982 by David & Charles (Publishers) Ltd, Brunel House, Newton Abbot, Devon, UK
ISBN 0-7153-8335-3
Clyde story told through extended histories of twelve representative steamers

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