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P.S. Waverley (1899)
Launched on May 29th 1899 by A and J Inglis of Pointhouse, Glasgow
Engines : Compound diagonal, 37 and 67 in x 66 in
Dimensions : 235 ft x 26.1 ft
449 Gross Registered Tons (later 405 and 537)

NBSP’s largest vessel and featuring compound engines for the first time
Operated longer distance cruises from Craigendoran.
After service retrenchment in 1902 was assigned to regular railway connections
Went into Admiralty service at the end of 1915
Promenade deck extended to the bow
Stationed at a variety of locations on the south and east coasts of England
Reboilered in 1920. Bridge moved forward of the funnel
Became closely associated with the Arrochar service for the Three Lochs Tour
Small fore and aft deckhouses were fitted on the promenade deck in 1933
Laid up in 1939, but available for re-activation for World War II service
Sent to join a minewseeping flotilla at Harwich
Attended the Dunkirk evacuations but was lost under enemy air attack on May 29th 1940

Classic Scottish Paddle Steamers
Alan J S Paterson
Published in 1982 by David & Charles (Publishers) Ltd, Brunel House, Newton Abbot, Devon, UK
ISBN 0-7153-8335-3
Clyde story told through extended histories of twelve representative steamers

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