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Compton Castle  

Above : Compton Castle in Truro in 2021 by kind courtesy of Phil Barnes. Click here for more photos                                                      
Built 1914 by Cox & Co of Falmouth
Engines : Compound Diagonal
Dimensions : 108 ft x 17.6 ft
Tonnage : 97 GRT

Older sister of the still-operational Kingswear Castle of 1924, Compton Castle was withdrawn from service in 1962 and remained in south-western England at Kingsbridge then Looe before moving to Truro. Although it once seemed that she would survive her elder cousin, the "Kingswear" was taken over by the Paddle Steamer Preservation Society and after many years of dereliction, returned to service. Compton Castle remains in a much altered form, with engines removed, having been used for many years as a florist's shop. It had been proposed to turn her into a high-class restaurant under the auspices of well-known local chef Kevin Viner but the project was abandoned in 2010 due to insolvency and the ship went into the hands of property development company Porthia. She was totally refurbished in 2010/11 with a flat deck, completely enclosed with a glazed structure and operated as a coffee house in Truro city centre for a number of years. She currently lies rarely used but available for hire.

Engines : Long-time preserved at the Blackgang Chine Fantasy Park near Ventnor, Isle of Wight, they were sold in November 2014 to the Paddle Steamer Kingswear Castle Trust Ltd, a subsidiary of the Paddle Steamer Preservation Society and owners of PS Kingswear Castle, a former fleet mate of Compton Castle and, after restoration, now sailing once again on the River Dart. The engines were moved to Kingswear in February 2016 for future display on the platform of the heritage railway company which now operates PS Kingswear Castle on charter
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Above : Photos from 2004 when she was in use as a flower shop by kind courtesy of Mark Young. Click here for more photos


Website detailing the history of the Compton Castle by Tony Brett

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