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Operating Area : Lake Lucerne (Vierwaldstattersee), Switzerland

Above : Unterwalden at Lucerne in August 2016

Built by Escher Wyss & Cie. at Zurich, Switzerland, re-assembled at Luzern, from March 1901 and launched on November 12th of same year.
Length 62.00 metres - breadth 6.8 / 15.5 m
Engine : Compound diagonal : 700 / 1200 x 1250 mm : 650HP : by Escher, Wyss
Speed : 26.3 km/h (14.8 knots)

Entered service in on May 18th 1902, one year after her Sulzer-built fleet-mate as her engine had been displayed at the International Exhibition in Paris.
Wheelhouse added in 1920
Converted to oil firing in 1949.
Converted in 1961 to allow the funnel and wheelhouse to be retracted and masts lowered to allow passage under the new Aschereggbrucke into the Alpnachersee
This included a fixed canopy over the after upper deck which radically changed her appearance.
Provisionally retired after the 1975 season but retained as cover until the end of 1977 pending final withdrawal
Saved after a high-profile campaign by the Dampferfreunde Vierwaldstattersee and an extensive rebuild was commenced in 1982
Much of the upper deck enclosed aft of the funnel to create comfortable restaurant facilities.
Reentered public service on May 15th, 1985.
After the end of the 2008 season she retired to the SGV dockyard for a major overhaul reappearing for the 2011 season rebuilt to reflect her pre-1961 appearance

Above : Unterwalden in the Lucerne basin in June 2014. Photo by kind courtesy of Malcolm Oliver

Unterwalden detail 070511.jpg

Above : Detail of the "new" Unterwalden - taken on May 7th 2011, on the occasion of her special "return to service" cruise. Many thanks to Enrico Crosti for the use of his photo.

Unterwalden 2011 nadia.jpg

Above : Unterwalden emerged from a two year reconstruction in 2011 and is seen above on her first public cruise on 14th May in a photo kindly supplied by Nadia Joehr.
Click here for more of Nadia's photos from the celebratory SGV fleet cruise

Unterwalden at Vitznau 2008.jpg

Above : Unterwalden (1902) at Vitznau in 2008, her last season before her life-prolonging major overhaul.


Above : Unterwalden seen against the dramatic backdrop of Lake Lucerne scenery in 2001, before her reconstruction.
Click here to look around the pre-reconstruction Unterwalden

From the archive

A close-up of Unterwalden at Luzern in 1988

Heading back to Luzern and calling at Buochs in 2001 

With mast and funnel retracted to pass under the Aschereggbrucke.........

.....Unterwalden is the only paddler now able to reach Alpnachstad

Deep in the "Kajute" there is a display of the SGV fleet 

There are also interpretative panels about the gleaming engines.

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