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PS Pirna                                                                                                       River Elbe at Dresden, Germany

At Kurort Rathen - 4th September 2004
Length 56.08 metres
2 cylinder compound oscillating engine built by Deutsche Elbschiffahrtsgesellschaft Uebigau works

Entered service in 1898 as Konig Albert 
Renamed Pirna in 1919
Major reconditioning in the winter of 1993-4
Crankshaft replaced in 2005 using that from the preserved engine of PS Junger Pionier

From the Photo Archive




At Decin, Czech Republic in 2004

On the main deck forward in"Bohemian Switzerland"

Inside on the main deck

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Pirna off Koenigstein on 4th August 2014. Photo by kind courtesy of Phil Barnes.  Click here for more photos from this day
Below : Photos of Pirna 2004 by kind courtesy of Nigel Clark

Pirna 2004 Thumbs 01  NC.jpg

Pirna 2004 Thumbs 02 NC.jpg

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