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PS Libussa, later Braunschweig and Furst Bismarck (II)                                                                                                       
Built in 1870 at Blasewitz
2 cyl. Oscillating Engines originally ex-PS Raudnitz (1865), replaced in 1924 by those of PS Furst Bismarck (1877)

Operated on the River Elbe out of Dresden for the Sachsisch-Bohmische Dampfschiffahrtsgesellschaft
Reboilered in 1879
Sold in 1910 for use at Hameln by the Oberweser Dampfschiffahrtsgesellschaft and renamed Braunschweig
Lengthened and modernised at the Rolandwerft in Bremen in 1924 and fitted with engine and boiler from PS Furst Bismarck (of 1877)
Renamed Furst Bismarck
Withdrawn in 1958 and scrapped in 1962
Engine preserved in the Fokke-Museum in Bremen and from 1987 in the 
Museum der Deutschen Binnenschifffahrt in Duisburg
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