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Lake Garda, Italy
Navigazione Lago di Garda (NLG)


View of the resort of Malcesine in October 2013

Above : G. Zanardelli, with Italia in the background at Peschiera in 1990. Photo kindly supplied by Chris Miles   Lighthouse Creative Inc

The two paddlers built in the early 1900s to modernise the fleet remain in service into the 21st century albeit with their steam engines replaced by diesel units. In common with other Italian lakes, the paddlers see little service, with more economical motor units being the main workhorses.

After many years of seeing little service, G Zanardelli is now used more - especially on the upper lake circle, but can be removed at any time for charters. Italia has seen little use outside of charters in recent years.

EXISTING PADDLE VESSELS (Motorised ex-steamers)
G Zanardelli

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