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Italia   (Diesel-hydraulic, ex-steam)    Operating Area : Lake Garda, Italy
Above : At Assenza di Brenzone in May 2006.  Photograph by courtesy of Mike F Griffiths
Builders : N Odero, Genoa
Engines : Compound Diagonal by builders replaced by Diesel-hydraulic drive in 1980
Length : 52.5 metres

Entered service : 1909 for the Innocenti Mangilli Navigation Co.
After war service (the upper part of the lake was then part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire) the ship was returned to new owners, the Italian State Railways, as part of the Ministry of War
Ownership transferred to the Ministry of Public Works in 1923
Grounded near Campione in June 1923.  
Ownership transferred to the Societa Anonima per la Navigazione sul Lago di Garda in 1924
Towed fleetmate Giuseppe Zanardelli from Limone to Riva after the latter was attacked and damaged during an air raid on 6th Novemebr 1944
In 10th January 1945 the ship, which had been requisitioned by the German Army as a hospital ship, was severely damaged in an air attack at Sirmione
A further attack on 18th January resulted in the ship sinking
The sunken wreck was raised in stages between July and September 1949 and was towed to Peschiera dockyard by G Zanardelli for reconstruction
Returned into service on 21st June 1952
After refurbishment in 1969-70 appeared with her bridge moved forward and the whole upper deck enclosed
Out of service in 1975 with her compound engines being replaced by diesels. 
Returned to service on 17th July 1977
Sees limited service

Above : Detail of Italia, seen at Peschiera in 1990 in a photo kindly supplied by Chris Miles  Lighthouse Creative Inc

Above : Italia approaching Limone on July 2nd 2008 in a photo kindly supplied by Jim McCreery.

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