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On charter to the Paddle Steamer Preservation Society on 8th July 2012 : From Greenock to Ormidale (Loch Riddon)

Photos by kind courtesy of Kenny Whyte

W with SS at ormidale 1403.jpg

On July 8th 2012, Waverley sailed on charter to the Paddle Steamer Preservation Society to Loch Riddon, a small sea loch rarely visited by the paddler although she regularly passes the entrance to the Loch as she sails round the Kyles of Bute. In a joint offereng with the Clyde River Steamer Club, Clyde Marine Services' motor ship "The Second Snark" was also chartered to act as tender and to land passengers at the rarely-used pier at the hamlet of Ormidale (see photo above) and return those wishing to sail on her back to Greenock. Photos by kind courtesy of Kenny Whyte.
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Rhubodach 1348.jpg

At 13:48 Waverley passes the Rhubodach car ferry slip on the Isle of Bute

Loch Riddon W and SS 1358.jpg

Waverley soon turns north from the Kyles into Loch Riddon and sails alongside The Second Snark

W and SS from ahead 1448.jpg

The Second Snark alongside Waverley

W with SS alongside 1542.jpg

The Second Snark returns passengers to Waverley

W and SS detail 1542.jpg

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