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PS Waimarie                                                                                      River Whanganui, New Zealand

Above : Waimarie on 17th March 2019 see at her berth at Whanganui from Durie Hill. Photo by kind courtesy of Phil Barnes

Built : 1889 by Yarrow & Company, Poplar, London, England
Engines : 2 double-acting cylinders of 9 inches x 24 inch stroke
Boiler : coal fired
Length : 100 feet

Supplied from the UK in kit form and assembled at Whanganui for the Wanganui Upriver Settlers Company
Entered service named "Aotea"
Company went into liquidation. Ship sold in 1902 into the fleet of Alexander Hatrick, renamed "Waimarie" and put in service between Whanganui and Pipiriki.
Withdrawn in 1949 and in 1952 sank at her moorings, later being partially dismantled to reduce the obstruction in the river
Salvaged in 1993 by the Whanganui Riverboat Restoration and Navigation Trust which had been set up for the purpose in 1990.
The original engine was refurbished and the hull rebuilt and new water-tube boiler fitted, both to the original design, supported by volunteer effort, public sponsorship and lottery funding.
Returned to operation on December 20th 1999 and to revenue service on New Year's Day, 2000
Now operates from Whanganui to Upokongaro

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Waimarie Photograph Collection

2006 by Robert Horlacher

2008 by Phil Barnes

2012 by Kevin Hoggett  (inludes on-board views)

2015 by Phil Barnes

2019 by Phil Barnes

Above : Waimarie's Engines by kind courtesy of Kevin Hoggett : Click for more

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