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DEPV Vevey                                                                                   Operating Area : Lake Geneva, Switzerland
MPVVevey in 2013 O Bachmann

MPV Vevey on 31st October 2013 on a trial run just over two weeks before her return to service. Photo by kind courtesy of Olivier Bachmann

Built 1907 by Sulzer Brothers at Winterthur, Switzerland
Engines: 2013 - New diesel electric engine : 1956 - 8 cylinder Sulzer diesel unit (700 HP) with twin BBC electric units.
- Built with 
Compound Diagonal by Sulzer (850 HP)
Length : 61.5 metres

Entered service in 1907
Withdrawn after the 1954 season and re-engined with diesels, reappearing in 1956
Fitted with a more modern white funnel, but reverted to a traditional stack in 1987, painted buff in 1989 to match the other steamers
Her "provisional" withdrawal at he end of the 2006 season was announced in 2005.
Newly raised capital has allowed the CGN to undertake the repair work needed to keep her in service until 2010.
A full rebuild wass expected to take place once she retired after the main 2010 season
In 2010 it was announced that the rebuild would be delayed because of the necessary part-financing required from the Canton of Vaud was not forthcoming.
After completing service on September 30th 2010 she was moved to Ouchy dockyard and quickly on to Geneva to lie alongside ex-DEPV Geneve since October 25th 2010
Returned to Ouchy under her own power on May 29th 2012 to commence her renovation
After 15 months in the drydock at Bellerive, she re-entered the water on September 6th, 2013 and returned to service on November 16th, 2013

Vevey at Geneva in June 2014 by kind courtesy of Malcolm Oliver. Click here for more

Vevey taken on 31st October 2013, shortly before her planned return to service. Click for more photos by kind courtesy of Olivier Bachmann

DEPV Vevey at Montreux in 2007, aged 100 and prior to her major refurbishment
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Upper Deck, enclosed in 1954-56

Main deck - view forward, starboard side

Restaurant, main deck aft

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