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Operating Area : Lake Lucerne (Vierwaldstattersee), Switzerland

Uri in June 2014 - by kind courtesy of Malcolm Oliver

Uri is seen after her complete rebuild which took place between October 1991 and February 1994. The most noticeable new feature is the upper deck restaurant and the associated removal of the heavy fixed canopy over the upper deck. To ensure unimpaired stability of the vessel, the added weight resulting from the new features had to be compensated for by the removal of the heavy hydraulic gear for raising and lowering the funnel and wheelhouse. These were replaced by new, lighter, fixed structures resulting in Uri no longer being able to pass under the Aschereggbrucke into the Alpnacher See.
Length 61.80 metres (overall) - 59.00 metres (perpendiculars)
2 cylinder diagonal engine - 720 and 1050 mm x 1300 mm stroke
4.15 m diameter wheel with 8 paddles of 2.60 x 0.75 m
Built by Gebruder Sulzer at Winterthur, Switzerland
Entered service in 1901

Wheelhouse added in 1920
Converted to oil firing in 1949.
Converted in 1961 to allow the funnel and wheelhouse to be retracted and masts lowered to allow passage under the new Aschereggbrucke into the Alpnachersee.
This included a fixed canopy over the after upper deck which radically changed her appearance
Out of service for the 1992 and 1993 seasons for a major re-build reversingt he changes made in 1961. Two new boilers installed and the LP cylinder replaced.
Relaunched on 7/2/94. The steamer parade on 30/4/94 marked her return to service.

Uri at Weggis 2008.jpg
PS Uri leaving Weggis in 2008

Uri in June 2014 - by kind courtesy of Malcolm Oliver

From the archive

In 1988 at Luzern, Uri still resembled PS Unterwalden

By 1996 she was looking more like she did in 1901

Uri backs out of Luzern to head up - lake in 1997

Approaching Kehrsiten-Burgenstock in 1997

Switzerland's oldest operating engines are always a draw...

.. the upper deck cafeteria does good business

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