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Firth of Clyde, UK
Turbine Steamers Ltd (1901-1935)
Trading in 1901 as the Turbine Steamer Syndicate before incorporation the following year, the company was set up to operate TS King Edward, the world's first commercial turbine steamer. The operating partner was Captain John Williamson, the independent steamboat owner, with risk shared with Charles Parsons & Co, the Newcastle engineering firm which pioneered the marine turbine. Turbine steamers operated alongside the Williamson fleet and obtained titular ownership of a number of older paddlers as well as three other new turbines. King Edward was transferred to Williamson-Buchanan Steamers for the 1927 season onwards. After the 1935 season, the Williamson-Buchanan operation was absorbed by the Caledonian Steam Packet Company as a subsidiary. The two remaining vessels registered with Turbine Steamers passed to David MacBrayne Ltd.

Note : For more details about turbine steamers (designated TS), please go to our associated website : Clyde Turbine Steamers

New Build
TS King Edward
TS Queen Alexandra (I)
TS Queen Alexandra (II)
TS King George V

Vessels Purchased
PS Edinburgh Castle
PS Lord of the Isles (II)
PS Ivanhoe

When the company was wound up , King George V and Queen Alexandra went to the MacBrayne fleet, the latter being re-named Saint Columba and remaining on the Clyde for the summer Ardrishaig run.

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