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PS Stadt Luzern
Engines : Triple Diagonal Uniflow : 1020 HP : 3 x 800 x 1200 mm cylinders by Sulzer in 1929 (replacing original Sachsenberg engines of 1928)

The engines are of three equal sized cylinders which receive steam alternatively from each end of the cylinder and exhaust at the centre of the cylinder. The cranks are enclosed as lubrication is extenal and not through the normal oil cups. The cranks were originally enclosed in metal casings but replaced by perspex in 1980 (central casing) and 1981 (outside casings)

These engines replaced a set of more traditional compound diagonal engines supplied by the ship's builders, but proved to be unsatisfactory in terms of speed and fuel consumption and frequent breakdown

Photo by kind courtesy of Enrico Crosti

Stadt Luzern Engine E Crosti.JPG

Stadt Luzern engine E Crosti 2.JPG

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