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PS Sirius                                                               Operating area : Prague                                                

Sirius 2012 R Horlacher.jpg

PS Sirius seen in Prague in 2012.  Photo by kind courtesy of Robert Horlacher

Built : 2006-2010 to the design of Prague motor boat operator Miroslav Kedrst
Length: 19.9 metres x breadth 5.2 m
Engines : 2 cylinder simple diagonal (20 HP) chain drive.  Boilers can use coal or wood. Both new built at Hradec Kralove

Created from the bow and stern sections of the ferry "Strehla"
Entered service on 19/09/2010 with a return cruise from Prague to Roudnice nad Labem
Used for short circular cruises on the river Vltava in Prague

CZ_Labe_Sir_Aufbauten vom Bug_2_2012-05-04.jpg

All photos by kind courtresy of Robert Horlacher

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