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Operating Area : Lake Lucerne (Vierwaldstattersee), Switzerland
Schiller at Vitznau 2008.jpg
PS Schiller at Vitznau in August 2008
Length 63.00 metres
Engines : compound diagonal : 750 / 1120 x 1300 mm : 864 HP : by Sulzer (1906)
Built by Gebruder Sulzer at Winterthur, Switzerland

Launched on 15th February 1906
Wheelhouse added in 1921
Received her first major overhaul in 1976-1977 during which the original boilers were re-tubed.
Back in public service on May 1st, 1977
Relaunched on February 14th 2000 after a complete rebuild at the SGV dockyard at Luzern

From the archive

Schiller at Brunnen in 1996....

......and returning to Verkehrshaus in the same year

At Luzern in 2001, fresh from a recent major overhaul

Detail of Schiller's upper deck in 2001

A photo of Rhein paddler Goethe adorns the boiler room wall

Refreshments are served in the Roundel

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