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PS Patria (ex - Savoia)
Operating Area : Lake Como, Italy
Patria 080513 Dervio FB.jpg
PS Patria at Dervio on May 8th 2013 on the day of her first sea trial after restoration
Photo by kind courtesy of Flaminio Borgonovo

Builders : N Odero at Genoa
Engines : Triple Expansion by the builders : Cylinders 
460, 700 and 1080 mm x 1120 mm : 600 HP
Length : 53.77 metres    Breadth : 12.3 m

Entered service in 1926 as "Savoia"
Renamed "Patria" in 1943
Reboilered in 1953 and converted to oil
Refitted 1972-73
Made her last cruise in October 1990
Slipped at Dervio for inspection as enthusiasts pressed for her preservation
Substantial replating took place to ensure the vessel could remain afloat
In 1999 a plan to save her was agreed by her owners (NLC), local authorities, a local bank and a local historical society.
Whilst funds remain available, the NLC have not fulfilled their promises and no work has been done.
The sale to the local authority at Como (Provincia di Como) was completed at the end of 2005 for the nominal sum of 1 Euro.
Plans to move the ship temporarily in order to visit the "Centobarche" exhibition at Como (Sept 22-24, 2006) were abandoned
Work commenced in 2009 on her refirbishment at Dervio
The work was financed by state, provincial and regional authorities with help from the private Cariplo Foundation
First trial run under her own steam took place on May 8th 2013 - to the approval of the certifying body RINA

Subsequent developments have not been good for Patria. She visited several piers on Lake Como but spent much time tied up at Como, still under ownership of the province and deemed unsuitable for most of the roles in the NLC timetable.  She is currently out of service

Click here for photos of Patria during restoration

Above photo from 2010 by kind courtesy of Olivier Bachmann

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