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PS Mainz

Mainz at her moorings in Mannheim on July 14th, 2012.  Photo by kind courtesy of Phil Barnes.   Click here for more photos from 2012

Built in 1929 by Christof Ruthof at Mainz
Length : 83.6 metres   Breasth 8.6 / 16.2 m
Machinery - Compound diagonal

Operated by the Koln-Dusseldorfer line ("KD") the main operators of Rhine day cruise steamers
Reboilered in 1955 to become oil burning
Sank in June 1956 after a collision near Koblenz
Raised and refitted by Berninghaus at Cologne and was back in service in 1957
Withdrawn in 1980 after technical problems
Transferred in 1985 to Mannheim and opened in October 1986 as a museum of Rhine shipping and industry

Above : Mainz moored in Mannheim in 1987 in her role as an industrial museum.




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