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Lek and Nieuwe Maas rivers
Shipping services including both passengers and freight were operated between Schoonhoven (and later Culemborg) and Rotterdam by the JH von Santen & Co (and from 1896 renamed Stoomboot Reederij op de Lek) from 1857 until 1950. After closing its shipping services the company concentrated on its road haulage operations before eventually becoming part of NS (Dutch Railways)

Initially using second hand tonnage, a number of paddle steamers were built for the fleet, the last being Reederij op de Lek No 6 in 1911.   A number of smaller older screw steamers were purchased, five in 1912 being the final additions.
Reederij op de Lek No 6 survives in service under private ownership as Kapitein Anna but as a motor paddler having been restored with new machinery in 1977 after many years without engine or paddle wheels.

Reederij op de Lek 2  survived for many years as a floating clubhouse on the Rhine at Andernach, Germany

Schoonhoven (1857-1861, built in 1841, ex- Stad Heusden)
Schoonhoven (1860-1892, built in 1850 , renamed Krimpen aan de Lek in 1877)
Vreeswijk (1863-1898, built in 1851, renamed Krimpen aan de Lek in 1892)
Schoonhoven (1876-1939, renamed Vreeswijk in 1892,  Krimpen aan de Lek in 1897 and Reederij op de Lek 1 in 1912)
Schoonhoven (1885-1948, renamed Reederij op de Lek 2 in 1910)
Vreeswijk (1892-1937, renamed Reederij op de Lek 3 in 1910)
Culemborg (1897-1937, renamed Reederij op de Lek 4 in 1910)
De Lekboot (1903-1948, renamed Reederij op de Lek 5 in 1912)
Reederij op de Lek (1911-1950, renamed Reederij op de Lek 6 in 1912)

South Holland

Zuidhollandse Soombootmaatschappij in Brielle

Voorne en Putten I
Built in 1899 by Rijkee & Co at Rotterdam
Length : 43.5 m


C. Bosman Shipping Co at Enkhuizen

Built in 1886
Length : 52 m
Sunk in 1888 after a collision with HOLLAND and scrapped

Built in 1886
Length : 52 m
Possibly at Rouen, France after 1916

Built in 1889
Length : 53 m
Scrapped in 1917

Built in 1890
Length : 52 m
To Hamburg Stade Altlaender Linie. Germany in 1924 as Wittenbergen

Alkmaar Packet NV (C Bosman), Alkmaar

Alkmaar Packet 5
Built in 1877
Length : 42.34 m
Sailed between Amsteradam and Ijmuiden
Converted to a motor scrrew ship and later scrapped in 1941

Possibly built in Germany
Length : 35.25 m
In service with Alkmaar Packet from 1891
Sold in 1912 to Wagenborg Scheepvaart NV, Delfzijl and renamed Vooruitgang II
Wrecked in 1919 nesar Harlingen

Zeeland provincial services

Provinciale Stoomboot Diensten in Zeeland


Built in 1887 at Vlissingen
Length : 42.67 m
Sold for use in Ghent (BE) and renamed Marguerite L

In the French Navy from 1916 as Grillon I

Gorinchem- Sleeuwijk Ferry

City of Gorinchem

Gorinchem II
Built in 1889 by Smit & Zoon at Kinderdijk
Length : 27.5 m

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