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La Suisse                                                                    Operating Area : Lake Geneva, Switzerland

La Suisse.  Photo by kind courtesy of Andrew delaGhetto

Built 1910 by Sulzer Brothers at Winterthur

Engines: Compound Diagonal by Sulzer. 1400 HP

Length : 78.5 metres

Entered service on 25th May, 1910
Laid up during World War II, resuming service in the 1948 season
Converted from coal to heavy oil burning  fuel in 1960
Upper deck partially enclosed for the 1960 season, including removal of the rotunda.
Laid up after the 1968 season with boiler trouble. At the time there was some thought of replacing her engine with diesels.
Reboilered in 1970 and returned to service
Entrance to the main deck restaurant aft moved from the centre to the starboard side
1998/89 - converted to burn light oil
2002/03 - electrics renewed 
Out of service in 2008 whilst she underwent a major renewal which also involved changes to her appearance to return to a more traditional styling
Returned to service in time for the main summer season of 2009

Above and below : Two views from June 1914 by kind courtesy of Malcolm Oliver - including close-up of the new enclosed upper deck aft

La Suisse forward saloon 2009 jack Woodhams.jpg

The main deck saloon forward after the rebuild. This is probably the most spacious of any Swiss paddle steamer and now provides a much better standard of accommodation for second class ticket holders than any other. Photo by kind courtesy of Jack Woodhams.

The first class dining room aft has also been restored magnificently and presents itself as a luxurious dining area.

Above : First class dining saloon aft - seen in 2014 in a photo by kind courtesy of Malcolm Oliver
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Paddle steamer La Suisse 2005.jpg

La Suisse steaming towards the Upper Lake, having just left Lausanne-Ouchy on September 11th, 2005 (seen from PS Rhone).
This photo was taken prior to her 2007-09 rebuild which has changed her appearance quite considerably.

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