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River Danube : Belgrade, Serbia
PS Krajina
Oroszi Gabor - KRAJINAs.jpg
Photo of Krajina taken in April 2010 kindly contributed by Gabor Oroszi

Built in 1927 at Ubigau (Dresden, Germany) and taken in pieces to the Danube and reassembled at Regensburg. 

Engines: Compound Diagonal, 500 HP

Length : 56.82 m overall.  Draught 1.7 m

Owned by the Yugoslavian royal family and used by King Alexander and Queen Maria 

Originally called "Dragor", she became "Gernot" in 1941, when siezed by Croatian forces. In the aftermath of World War II became known as "California" when commandeered by US forces. 

Heavily renovated in 1951 Yugoslav President Tito was known to have used the yacht but her main role became as an inspection ship for the Yugoslav Inland Waterways authority. 

Later used by the jewellery company Majdanpek for promotional use and from 1992, the trading company MAG Intertrade

Badly damaged by fire in January 2007 when being used for shooting a film. 
It is believed that her engines have been removed, some time after 2007

Curently (2015) reported to be lying half sunken

Krajina 021010 ZS.jpg

Above : Detail of Krajina on 2nd October 2010.  By kind courtesy of Zsolt Szabo
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