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MPV Kisfaludy   :   River Danube, Hungary

Kisfaludy sails through Budapest with preserved paddle steamer Kossuth seen moored behind on August 9th 2023 - photo by kind courtesy of Zsolt Szabo
Built : 2014-15 near Siofok
Length : 26.2 metres
Width : 5.5 metres (9.2 metres across the sponsons)
Draught : 1.22 metres
Displacement : 85 tonnes
The ship has side paddles (AC electric powered from the diesel generator) and an auxiliary screw (Deutz diesel powered) at the rear

A close replica of the steamer Kisfaludy dating from 1846, originally with a wooden hull, replaced by an iron shell in 1869, which sailed on Lake Balaton until 1887.
The replica has a steel hull as well as an aft deck shelter, wheelhouse and paddle vents which are the most noticeable features which were not part of the original steam ship design.

On 22nd June 2023, Kisfaludy left Lake Balaton and began the 120 km sail to the River Danube where she was put into service on short cruises alongthe river in central Budapest for Duna Cruises alongside MV Citadella

A look around Kisfaludy in June 2015 - courtesy of Zsolt Szabo

Above : Kisfaludy at Balatonfored. Click here for photos taken aboard the ship
Kisfaludy under construction in 2014

Above : Kisfaludy under construction - seen on May 28th 2014. Photo by kind courtesy of Zsolt Szabo

Above : Kisfaludy in 2014 on her slipway - courtesy of Zsolt Szabo
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