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DEPV Italie                                                                                                    Operating Area : Lake Geneva, Switzerland

Above : Italie leaves Montreux on 17th July 2019
Built 1908 by Sulzer Brothers at Winterthur, Switzerland
Engines: Compound Diagonal by Sulzer replaced by an 8 cylinder Sulzer diesel / BBC electric unit in 1956-1958. Reengined 2015-16
Length : 61.5 metres

Reengined 1956-58
Laid up after a final cruise on December 4th, 2005.
A full restoration, including new engines, commenced in 2015
Returned to service in November 2016

Paddle Steamer Italie.JPG
Above : At Geneva in September 2005 as she was prior to her 2015-16 restoration
Italie 27 07 12 EC.jpg

Above : DEPV Italie lies at Bellerive dockyard, stripped down as she awaits better times. Photo taken on 27th July 2012 by kind courtesy of Enrico Crosti

Above : Italie leaving Montreux on 17th July 2019, showing her from the aft three-quarters angle and illustrating her new enclosed upper deck, providing all modern comforts but visually coming as close to her original look as possible





In 1988 and still with the "modern" funnel given to her when she was "dieselised"

By 2000, seen at Rolle, she was very much once again a "traditional" steamer in profile

The main deck restaurant aft, seen in 2005, her last year of service before medium-term lay-up.

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Above : Italie at Rolle in 2000

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