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PS Iona (1864)

iona G Ferguson collection.jpg

Iona seen probably in the 1920s in a glass plate from the collection of Gillon Ferguson. The source was Andy Paton, second engineer aboard PS Waverley in the late 1950s

Built in 1864 by J & G Thomson at Clydebank
Engines : Simple Oscillating, two cylinders : 50.5 in x 51 in
Dimensions : 255.5 ft x 25.6 ft.
396 Gross Registered Tons

Built to replace the Iona of 1863 which was sold to the USA for blockade running (but sank following a storm near Lundy island before crossing the Atlantic)
Deckhouses etc intended for the earlier Iona were used and she became one of the most luxurious vessels around
Was MacBrayne's main Glasgow-Ardrishaig steamer until the arrival of PS Columba in 1878
Reboilered in 1891
Spent the main summer season at Oban, operating the Clyde "Royal Route" only in the early/late season, wintering at Greenock.
Withdrawn after the 1935 season and broken up alongside her consort PS Columba at Dalmuir in 1936

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