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Elias Lonnrot    (Diesel-hydraulic)
Operating Area : Lake Keurusselka, Finalnd
Summer weekday services from Keuruu to Keurusselka Hotel, and to the town of Mantta on Sundays
Built in 1986 by Laivateollisuus OY of Turku, Finland
Engines : Diesel-hydraulic with independently driven paddle wheels
Length : 31.3 metres

Transported by road in one piece from Turku
Entered service in July 1986 after being built to the order Jorma Tuomi-Nikula, a local author and ship lover
Owned by Keuruun Matkailu OY, a company set up by the local Keuruu municipality
Dimensions and appearance closely recreated an earlier vessel with the same name which operated primarily as a tug from 1865 to 1925


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