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Koookaburra River Queen 1

Built in 1987 by Millkraft Thompson Boatyards, she offers cruises on the Brisbane river at Brisbane (Queensland) alongside the mock-sternwheeler Kookaburra River Queen 2 under Captain Jim Kelly of Brisbane Cruises, who has owned the ships since November 2007.

* Full restaurant and in survey for 378 persons
* 2 restaurant decks; one observation deck, independent bars, buffet stations, toilets & dance floors
* New decks and motors
* Internal lift system for catering
* Construction: Sheathed timber over hardwood ribs and frames.
* Machinery: 2 x Scania 172 kw driving hydraulic pumps & 2 x Dunlight generators at 150 kw ( total of 2 engines)
* Length: 30.5m, Beam 11.02m, Draught 1.8m

Put up for auction which is scheduled to take place on 7th October 2012 to test the market to see whether a reserve price allowing sale of the excursion ship company will be met. if not, it is expected that the business will continue unchanged


The only paddler offering regular scheduled trips on the Darling River is a replica of a traditional local design. Operated by Bourkeshire Council (in NSW) she undetakes one hour cruises from Kidman's Camp : . She is based on the design of an 1894 paddle steamer which sailed between Bourke and Wentworth which transported wool bales on a towed barge from various stations along the Darling to the railhead at Bourke.

Golden City

Completed 2013. Diesel hydraulic drive with aluminium hull and has an overall length of 17.2 metres. Built as a near replica to replace original vessel dated 1885 destroyed by fire in 2006 when being restored by enthusiasts . She operates 35-minute circular cruises on Lake Wendouree, Ballarat, Victoria under control of the Golden City Paddle Steamer Museum Society who took ownership in 1987 when the ship was returned to Lake Wendouree after 21 years operating in Melbourne. The original vessel operated on lake Wendouree as part of the Gil family fleet before being sold to Messrs McRae and McArthur in 1946. Whilst in Melbourne she sailed for the Spooner family at the Caribbean Gardens, Scoresby. Originally a steamer, she spent most of her life petrol-driven

Website :

Murray River Queen  ...... Currently only in static use

Built in 1973 at Narnu Bay on Hindmarsh Island by Keith Veenstra, she had been in service on the Murray until she was withdrawn in 1993 and fell into disrepair and became a static lodge for backpackers in Goolwa and then was laid up near Mannum. In 2004 she was bought business people at Waikerie and returned to service on dinner cruises and also four-night cruises to Loxton. Re-sold in 2012 she became a backpacker's hostel. Since 2016 she has been open as a static restaurant in Waikerie SA 


Nepean Belle

This old-style paddler was launched in 1982 and was run privately by the Wakeling family until sold to former crew member Chris and Carol Bennett in Octobr 2013. She cruises the Nepean River with a varied cruise programme  through the Nepean Gorge and into the Blue Mountains National Park from Penrith. The cruises are well known for their culinary offerings, with set places for 120 diners - or 160 for cocktail functions.

Built in 1982 by De Havilland Marine, Homebush Bay, but loaded out to Penrith for assembly. Hull - catamaran in aluminium
Length : 18.2 m. Twin engined (Kubota diesels) with independent side paddle wheels. Service speed - 4 knots 

Website :  

The Hawkesbury Paddlewheeler

Operates on the Hawkesbury River from Windsor NSW

Built in 1976 by the Reynolds family at Roseville on Lane Cove River and originally named "Turrumburra".
Moved to Windsor in 1996 under Captain James Kelly and renamed "The Hakkesbury Paddlewheeler"
Now owned by Captain Ian Burns.

Website :


This list is not comprehensive 

Hawkesbury Paddlewheeler : built 1975 : located at Windsor : : As at 4/2013 offered for sale :  Sale Details
Mosquito : built 1995 : located at Mildura
Matilda : built 1997 : located at Mildura 
Kulkyne : built 1998 : located at Mildura
Madame Jade : built 1991
Kingfisher : built 1989 
Captain Proud : built 1977 : located at Murray Bridge
Proud Mary : built 1982 : located at Murray Bridge
Canally : built 1980 
Matthew James
Maggie Mae

Noonguu Nuumpii
Flender Himmel : owned by Shawn Grear
Black Shag :
built 1999
Madam Jade
Struggler : built from the remains of the sunken PV Sundowner
Goolwa : built 1982  located at Goolwa
Tania Anne : owned by Colin Williams
Amelia Jane

Begonia Princess : Lake Wendouree, Ballarat. Bought in 2011 by Anthony Kierce and restored for use after grounding in 2003 and impounding by Ballarat City Council in 2011.

Eliza-Ann : destroyed by fire whilst in operation on the Murray at Wellington in 2017 but  bought by Clint & Elizabeth Frankel and under restoration at Waikerie SA (July 2020)

Gemma : lost at Echuca but understood (March 2017) to be under reconstruction


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