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PT Zupa

Oroszi Gabor - PIMs.jpg
In this photo taken in April 2010 and kindly contributed by Gabor Oroszi she appears to be in very poor condition. She was later reported sunk in 2021

Built 1913 by Obuda Shipyard, Budapest
Engines : Compound Diagonal

Zupa was moored at Belgrade on the River Sava and her last known role was as a HQ ship for the Pim Dredging Company, until moved to the "ship graveyard" at the confluence of the Danube and Sava but found use for various art-related projects. In September 2015 the "graveyard" was controversially cleared in association with plans to redevelop the waterfront, but thye PIM company saved her, barging her up the Sava to th Brodotechnika shipyard and at the same time gifted her to the Technical Museum of Belgrade. Despite lack of funds, it was hoped that she would be restored, at least as a museum exhibit, but the sinking of 2021 appears to have put an end to this plan.

Zupa is a classical 54 metre long Danube paddle tug built in 1913 at Obuda, Hungary. Originally called "Una"she sailed for the Austrian DDSG company until 1914 before becoming Romanian-owned and renamed Cozia
 in 1921. In 1944 she hit a mine and sank near Stari Slankamen. After World War II she fell into Yugoslav hands, was raised and became Zupa, sailing for the JRB company before being purchased by PIM in 1955 and operated until 1971 in association with the company's construction projects.  

A sister ship was called Vag before becoming Slovenac and more recently PIM-Beograd. She was wrecked but her remains are still to be seen at km 127 on the Sava River.

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