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WAVERLEY'S FIRTH OF CLYDE PROGRAMME 2013 - As published prior to the sailing season

Waverley Clyde Brochure 2013.jpg

Waverley Clyde TT 2013.jpg

Please note that posts these copies from the Waverley brochure to illustrate the nature of the services by the paddle steamer and to encourage interested members of the public to find out more. No responsibility is taken for the ship failing to offer these services.

Note : a "c" alongside a destination indicates that part of the itinerary will be undertaken by connecting coach provided by WEL. Passengers intending to use these coaches are advised to pre-book with WEL. In the prices below "SC" denotes Senior Citizen

Waverley Glasgow Sailings 2013.jpg

Waverley Greenock Sailings 2013.jpg

Waverley Upper Firth Sailings 2013.jpg

Waverley Lower Firth Sailings 2013.jpg

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