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PT Vojvodina

Built : 1912  by Ganz-Danubius, Budapest
Length : 59.1 metres  -  Breadth : 16.6 metres - Draught : 1.15 metres
Engines : Compound Diagonal - 600 HP

Originally named Leontine and sailed on the Hungarian Danube for Charles Roheim & Sons and after from 1915 for MFTR until seized by Serbia at the end of World War I.
Vojvodina was last reported as still at Kladovo in early 2017

Vojvodina Kacsor Jozsef.jpg
Above : Vojvodina is now out of the water at Kladovo, but deteriorating rapidly. She is seen in 2008 in a photo kindly supplied by Kacsor Jozsef.

Above : Vojvodina in service. Source unknown

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