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Above : Vaterland at Boppard in 1936 in an official photograph from the archive of the  Köln-Düsseldorfer Deutsche Rheinschiffahrt AG       
Available under CC Licence :

Built by Gebruder Sachsenberg at Cologne-Deutz in 1926  (hull number 905) and launched on 10/04/26
Length : 79.03 metres 
Displacement : 448 tonnes
Engines : Compound diagonal by Sachsenberg at Rosslau

Scuttled and sunk near Neuweid on March 19th, 1945
Raised in 1949
Converted to oil burning in 1955
Modernised in 1968 with a new funnel and given an open foredeck on the upper deck
Withdrawn from service in 1972
Scrapped in 1978

Above : As built. Photo by kind courtesy of Markus Graf

Above : In the 1950s. Photo by kind courtesy of Markus Graf

Above : In later years. Photo by kind courtesy of Markus Graf

Vaterland (above) was the second last paddler built for German operators and the last for the "Cologne" division of KD. Seen here with her "modern" funnel
Many thanks to Heidi for use of her photograph

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