Liverpool and North Wales Steamship Company (1891-1962)
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St Tudno llandudno 1959 G Ferguson.jpg

St Tudno seen leaving Landudno in 1959. Photo by kind courtesy of Gillon Ferguson
In 1892 the Snowdon Passenger Steamship Company and its vessel PS Snowdon was acquired to augment their fleet of paddlers Bonnie Princess and St Tudno. In 1904, they purchased PS La Marguerite, a favourite on the Thames and cross-channel services to Boulogne and Calais. La Marguerite, regarded as the second largest passenger paddler on British short-sea and coastal service, set a pattern for size and grandeur but was an extremely expensive vessel to run. Her replacement was the large turbine (St Tudno - 2300 Gross Registered Tonnes), to which the company added a smaller second turbine (St Seiriol - 1586 GRT) which maintained the service until the company went into voluntary liquidation after the 1962 season along with the much smaller motor vessel St Trillo. The turbine steamers quickly went to the breakers. St Trillo found further service with P & A Campbell on the Bristol Channel.  
Turbine Steamers
TS St Seiriol - never sailed for company - lost in 1918
TS St Tudno (1926-1962)
TS St Seiriol (1931-1962)


The Liverpool and North Wales Steamship Company
By John Shepherd
Published in 2006 by Ships in Focus Publications, 18 Franklands, Longton, Preston, Lancashire, PR4 5PD
ISBN: 1 901703 67 3
Illustrated review of the shipping company and its vessels

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