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SUPPORT ORGANISATIONS  : Keeping Classic Passenger Ships in Service - and bringing others back to life

Unterwalden 2011 nadia.jpg

Had it not been for the Dampferfreunde Vierwaldstattersee organisation, PS Unterwalden would have been scrapped in the mid 1980s. Now they are helping again as the paddler enderwent a re-fit which will see her through the next 20 years or more. In the picture above, taken in May 2011 and kindly supplied by Nadia Joehr, a compleley revitalised Unterwalden returns triumphantly to service with a special cruise. She is now 109 years old, but as good as new. Scroll down for more details of the organisations which are ensuring that vessels such as Unterwalden live on.

Support organisations for the maintenance of Paddle Steamers are now well established and have been very successful in achieving their aims. Numerous enthusisats' groups bring you together with like-minded people but also give an opportunity to get involved directly with the operating, marketing and maintaining the ships in many cases. They also provide the best way to raise and channel finance for the maintenance and operational support of the steamers, helping to ensure that they sail on long into the future.
Unlike larger ships there is a real opportunity for classic paddle steamers to be preserved by the efforts of the ordinary person rather than their fates being determined by decisions of large corporations for whom heritage considerations inevitably come second to commercial gain. The support infrastructure is already there. The ships can even, if necessary, be owned and operated by or on behalf of enthusiasts
In helping paddle steamers, you are ensuring that classic ships remain in operational service  - and every personal contribution can make a real difference.

Links to support groups where available are shown in the text box alongside the paddle steamer in the Operational Paddle Steamer List and as the "website" link on the Reactivaton Projects page for groups assisting the restoration and reactivation of laid-up steamers