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South Coast of England - Sussex Coast
Richard Collard
Newhaven-based entrepreneur who owned and chartered ships between 1887, when he took the small steamer PS May from Hastings to view a naval review at Ryde, and 1911 when he sold PS Lady Rowena the largest of his owned vessels. Plymouth Belle was the largest vessel to sail for Mr Collard, for whom it undertook crossings to France.

Above : Belgian post card of Southampton - an occasional visitor from Sussex when under the management of Richard Collard. Courtsy of the Istvan Radi collection
Vessels owned
May (1887-88)
Nelson (1889-1897)
Southampton (1903-1907)
Lady Rowena (1907-1911)

Vessels chartered
Lynton (1893)
Halcyon (1894)
Plymouth Belle (1896-1897)

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