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PS Slovakeana (ex-Propeler, ex-Tytanic, ex-Zlata Rybka Restaurant, ex-Devin, ex-Dunaj, ex-Taban, ex-Dunaj, es-Bratislava, ex-LB III, ex-Donau)
Slovakeana 310812 EC.jpg in August 2012 by kind courtesy of Enrico Crosti

Built in 1911 by Ruthof at Deggendorf, Germany
Compound diagonal engines
Length : 33.5 metres

Built for the cross-Danube ferry service from Bratislava (then also known as Pozsony in Hungarian) to Petrzalka , sailing for MFTR, the Royal Hungarian Steamship Company
After World War I and independence from Austria-Hungary was registered with the Czechoslovakian Company Propelorovy Podnikand renamed "Bratislava"
Renamed "Dunaj" on change of ownership in 1931
In 1938 she was taken over by the Hungarian Army and transferred to Budapest for local ferry work to Margaret Island under the name "Taban"
Restored to Czechoslovakian ownership after world war, restored to the Bratislava ferry service and called "Dunaj" once more.
Renamed "Devin" in 1952 and remained in service until 1960
Bought by the food shop chain Potraviny and opened as a fish restaurant with the name "Zlata Rybka" in Bratislava in 1968
In 1972 she was sold to the tour operating company Javorina
Severely damaged in a fire
In 1978 she became the clubhouse for a rowing club and moored alongside the Danube until 1994
Under new ownership (the Lachimslov Company) she was re-fitted with enclosed saloon on the after end of the main deck and then served as a night club called "    Tytanic" from 1998
Re-sold in 2000 and remained as a night club with the name "Propeler XXS", but after a year she was condemned by the Health & Safety Authorities.
Moved to a place near Nove Pristavisko on the Danube close to Bratislava
Bought by the history and culture preservation organisation and opened as an art gallery in Bratislava in 2012
Subsequently used as a cafe, it was put up for sale in 2018
It was latem moored up in a commercial dock off the Danube in Bratislava (and remained there in 2023)

Below : As Dunaj in 1935. Source


Below : In 2009 as the laid-up "Propeler" : Photos courtesy of Zsolt Szabo

Propeler 2009 ZS-01.jpg

Propeler 2009 ZS-02.jpg

Propeler 2009 ZS-03.jpg

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