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Historical Database - Bristol Channel, UK
J W Pockett : From 1880 :  The Bristol Channel Steam Packet Company : From 1891 : Pockett's Bristol Channel Steam Packet Company
This family run business evolved out of the Swansea to Bristol cargo shipping activities of Captain Walter Pockett (until 1856) and later his sons, in particular, James (until 1880) and William (until 1890). James became the agent for the Lord Beresford and the Prince of Wales and later bought them for his own account. William took over management on James' death and renamed the company. The remaining family members sold the business in 1891 but it retained a link, being renamed Pockett's Bristol Channel Steam Packet Co Ltd although now managed out of Bristol.  The new owners were Messrs HS Flinn and GJ Wakefield and the manager was Thomas Probert.

A summer passenger service was provided out of Swansea, serving Ilfracombe, Clovelly, Lundy and Tenby. After its construction in 1898, Mumbles pier was also served

Operated until the First World War, by when they only possessed Brighton, the former railway ferry which had earlier operated from Brighton to France, as a passenger steamer. She was requisitioned for war service by the Admiralty, bringing an end to Pockett's services and saw further service in Turkey after the war. Pockett's continued in a modest fashion with cargo vessels for around seven years after the end of the war. 

Lass of Gowrie

Lord Beresford (1856-1861)  Built in 1824
rincess of Wales (1857-1880)  Built in 1842

Velindra  (1867-1896)  Built in 1860
(1896-1915)  Built in 1878
Mavis  (1909-1913)      Built in 1888
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