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Built in 1895 by Sulzer at Winterthur
Dimensions : 50 metres

Entered service in 1895
Wheelhouse added in 1906
Reboilered in 1925
Upper deck house, wheelhouse and funnel renewed in 1958
Held in reserve in the 1960s but sailed on until 1966
Sold in 1971 for further use as a restaurant with plans for limited service in steam, but project abandoned in the face of opposition from the local authorities
Laid up near Stansstad in 1975
Sold to the Verkehrshaus der Schweiz (Swiss Transport Museum) in Luzern in 1978. The engine and boilers became a major exhibit with the opening of a new hall in 1985
The bow section and wheelhouse are preserved in the grounds of the "Schiff" Restaurant at Vitznau.
The second paddle wheel is near the SGV dockyard in Luzern (on open ground in front of the SNG boat charter company facilities)
Certain internal fittings from the deck saloon were used in the Rhein motor vessel Basler Dybli, based at Basel.


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