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Paddle Steamers reached new heights of size in the United States - and it was not just the famous Mississippi-style sternwheelers we now associate with the USA. On the Great Lakes and along mighty rivers (ones which were deeper than the Mississippi) and linking places along the US's jagged coastline, side-wheelers dominated. The largest tended to be overnight boats with cabin accommodation, filling the gaps where railways had not yet penetrated, and crossing the big lakes, but excursion and ferry traffic was also significant, and on the Great Lakes, steamers such as Tashmoo (left) were not uncommon sights.

This view of Tashmoo dates from around 1907 and is from a postcard published by the CT Photocrom company and due to its age is now in the public domain for general use.

The history of steamboating in the USA is an enormous topic and it is not intended to research this topic in detail at this stage. 

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