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Off-Topic : Sternwheel  PS Niagara  - also known as  Farida and Queen Farida

Former Anglo-American Nile Navigation Company steamer thought to have been built in 1887
Served as hospital barge for wounded allied soldiers in World War 1, sailing on the Suez canal from Quantara to Port Said, slongside sister ship Indiana
became the property of the Egyptian State (ie the King) and appears to have taken the name of the queen - Farida.
Appears to have been retained by the Egyptian Government after the overthrow of the monarchy in 1952 until sold in 1968.
Appeared for sale through Luxor Marine Services in 2010.

Last report of status : Tied up and afloat, but out of service at Minya shipyard (April 2018)

Connie Tindale took these pictures of "Queen Farida" near Cairo in 2010.

Research suggests that this ship might be the original "Niagara". It appears that she fell intothe hands of King Farouk after World War I and has since been called Farida or Queen Farida.
Since information about Egyptian paddle steamers is hard to obtain and confirm, any further information about the ship, confirming this undertanding or correcting it would be welcomed

Queen farida 1.jpg
Queen farida 3.jpg
Queen farida 2.jpg

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