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PS Monarch (ex - Shanklin)

Shanklin on trials in 1924 : Picture courtesy of Vosper Thornycroft UK Ltd (now Babcock following a takeover)

Built in 1924 by J I Thornycroft at Southampton
Length : 190 ft - Breadth : 26.1 ft
Engines : Compound Diagonal (27 and 51 in x 54 in) by D & W Henderson
399 Gross Registered Tons

Built in 1924 and sailed primarily on the Portsmouth - Ryde service of the Southern Railway
Sold to Cosens & Co in 1951 and reamed Monarch, taking the name of a newly-retired member of the Cosens fleet.
Was also the last and newest paddler brought into the fleet
Retired and scrapped in 1961

Above : Official owners' post card issue, sold aboard the ship and at booking offices, sent in 1950 shortly before her sale to Cosens & Co. Courtesy of the Istvan Radi collection
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